About AFS

20171120_135255With many charities across the country eager to grow their individual giving income and increase their portfolio of donors. AFS have been created to provide a solution to charities who seek to grow their network of donors through traditional face to face fundraising methods in Scotland and are committed to finding new ways to engage with the public in venues which are educational, engaging and fun!

With the ROI of donors recruited by professional face to face fundraising teams still excellent and the wider focus on the donor journey creating growth from multiple income streams AFS aim to deliver successful regular giving campaigns and provide consultancy on all aspects of face to face fundraising.

With an increased focus on the behaviour and conduct of fundraisers AFS believe, that by recruiting the right people and developing their skills through on-going training, that face to fundraising can be engaging, professional and highly profitable for charities using this way to communicate with the public.

AFS aim to provide in-house skills to charities who seek to out-source their regular giving campaigns and our commitment is to ensure that all our team members become ambassadors for your charity and furthermore that AFS team members know everything about the cause they represent!